All about moi:

Welcome to my silly page! My serious pages are elsewhere - you'll have to search to find those since I find them too dull to list. To make a long story short, I'm a recent doctoral grad in Education (Emphasis: Instructional Technology) and Director of Instructional Support at Linfield College. My partner Sarah and I own a small house in Portland where we spend many happy hours gardening and playing with our pets. We also like to snowshoe, sea kayak, hike and bike - the Pacific Northwest is a spectacular playground.

Hiking Ramona Falls with Mt. Hood in the background

Here are a few photos of some of our recent adventures. If you liked those, here are some of my photos from 1998, and here are some photos of the 1998 "Bridge Pedal" in which we bicycled across 8 of Portland's 13 bridges for charity. We liked it so much we've now done it several times, though lately it has grown a little too popular. People show up on old bikes that barely work and that they don't really know how to operate, and others show up with all sorts of apparatus in tow. It's like trying to bike though a sea of randomly moving baby carriages.

How about a great story for all you fellow lesbigay rights activists? Also, how about a nice fire-in-the-belly essay on the "Failure of Christianity" by the radical babe Emma Goldman?

I like to hike with Sarah and friends, our dog, and our friends -A LOT - plus bike, birdwatch, nature watch, garden and all that outdoorseystuff. When I'm not on the net I occasionally crack open a book or five.Check out my Dead Lesbians Bookclub Reading List (really pretty old now).

Work stuff:

I work as Director, Instructional Design and Development at Willamette University where I do all kinds of wage slavery, including instructional design, multimedia development, webmastery, scripting, workshops in all manner of teaching and learning with technology topics, and even teaching a class here and there.

I had a lovely time doing similar work in 1998-2001 at Portland State University, in 1997-98 at Reed College and prior to that at University of Maryland (land o' the fightin' turtles). There, I was a Professional Geek for Information Technology Services. It's all pretty cool - although I've become a bit cynical about the ineffectiveness of university instructors and the lack of concern they sometimes show for their students. It's not all their fault - university heads nearly always fail to understand what technology adoption means to the profession, and tend to reward research rather than quality teaching efforts. ANYHOOO....Before getting into Instructional Technology, I was a Grants Manager for the American Statistical Association in Alexandria, VA. and a Facilities and Safety Officer for the Medical Research Institute in San Francisco. Here's my tres fascinating C.V.

Even More Exciting Photos!

Here are some lovely older pix of now-deceased old Alice theVCR-programming dog (even my pets are nerds), my other girlfriends, Daisy (who died a few years ago after a long illness no one could diagnose), Uva Bear (who lived to be 19 years old and just recently died) and Violet Femme and of Sarah, Alice and Jo on top of Old Rag Mountain during a nice 1995 Appalachian Fall. We have no idea how the dog got up there, honest, Ms. Ranger. Here are some more recent pix of Jo and Sarah.

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