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Editing so my site stays alive

One of these days, I need to pack up all my stuff and move it over to my DreamHost website, as I received an e-mail from Yahoo/Geocities last week saying that if my site remained inactive much longer, it would be removed. So, this is my token edit to keep it alive for now.

Please note that the entries below are from 1999 and before. No wonder they wanted to wipe it. ;)

I'm Moving [again!!]!

Come to her heart's desire, just watch your step, and please pardon the pixeldust. Apolgies for those of you who tried to access the new site the weekend of March 26; I was trying out another free provider, and they are simply too slow for my needs.

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About Lisana's Life

Lisana's Life is just me in search of myself, here for the world to see. I'm one of those journalers who puts her life online for those who care to read. If you feel so inclined, have a look at my latest entry, or my first entry. You can also find out more about me, or take a trip into the archives. If you have a question or comment about my pages, layout or content, please feel free to email me at

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