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An American in Scunthorpe (my old homepage and a neato photo gallery of my summer living in England)


Adopt a Greyhound...The Life You Save Will Be Your Own!

The Un-Official Camp Glisson Fan Page
(This page is in no way affiliated or endorsed by the North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church)


Lassiter Photography
(A website full of amazing photography by my favourite photographer ...and husband!)

Ophelia, by JW Waterhouse
Ophelia, by J.W. Waterhouse

My Online Resume
If you're looking to hire, or just want a little more info on me, this is the link for you...

Here, kitty, kitty, kitty...
The Tiny Pride 
(created by Franny, Zooey, and Mills)

The Brindle Brood

A website by my greyhound friend Candy...neato graphics!

Greyhounds of Clan Donald
otherwise known as my greyhounds...

The Hounds of East Fairhaven

Historical Re-enactment

Our Current Foster, Tyson

See more about him by clicking on the CGC link above!

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