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Welcome to Stella's Place!!

Come in! Have a seat, don't mind the mess, The place isn't all together yet, but neither am I!


Gamers of all sorts will be interested in The United Gamer's Association Page.
This leads to my favorite directory, YAHOO
I gave my Player her own page as well...aren't I generous? Click Here for Nancy's Page.
Various RPG resources can be found HERE including Arcanum ID Templates!
Scrambler's Pad also has interesting things for Vampires...
If you're an Immortal fan, Go visit my friend Maddogz and his partner, Chester, at their Page.
Kindred in general will like Vampire Web.
For Methuselahs interested in conquest there is Vampire:The Eternal Struggle CCG.
Another Ravnos friend has a new WebPage...Go visit him!
Clan Ventrue have a page and are also gathering...
At Gregor Kinsley's Manse.
Clan Nosferatu have been seen creeping around the Net.
This way to Mae's Maniacal Mini-Mall of Mayhem and Malkavian-Made Madness.
More madness can be found at HarlyQuin's Insanitorium.
Clan Brujah have a Web-Rant going on.
The Tremere are represented by my friend Sabatian.
The Tremere Virtual Chantry may also be of interest to Net-Tremere.
Those Clanless Childer, the Caitiff are also my friends...Don't harrass them in my home!
The Daughter's of Cacophany are performing tonight...What a treat!
The Sabbat are given their due, Clans Lasombra and Tzimisce are present and accounted for.
The Samedi have even been spotted lurking around the Net!
I even made a deal with the Follower's of Set. Now they have a link too.
Hunters have a special place to go at Bruno's.

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