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Cassa's Vga Planets is closing down. I have no more time to update it, so i think it's getting more and more useless. Thanks to all the visitors of CVP, and see you in deep space.

Note to first time visitors of CVP: please note that many links and/or e-mail addresses could be no longer valid. Please refer to other sites in the Vga Planets webring (link down the page) to have updated info.

A new version of Fleet Evaluator is now available at Cassa's. Check it out on Fleet Evaluator page.

I'm stealing time everywhere I can to make the December update of the TT VP Sites List. But, I want to point out at once a distinguished site which is outstanding in its good building and page variety: "Federal HQ" (
Go check for yourself and then you'll see if I give you good suggestions or not! ;)

Opened the Contact page on Cassa's VP. You can leave me a mail, an ICQ message or read my personal info page.

I felt the Top Ten Hosts list needed more an update than the general one, so I've launched my browser and navigated through all the 68 sites of the VP Host Webring, and I refreshed and completed the page. You can see the result by using the link above or clicking on "Top Ten Hosts" button on the left.

We have a winner team in TFS game! It's John Baldwin (Lizards) and Pete Berce (Colonies) team. See the final scores in War Zone page. Congratulations to John and Pete for their great playing!

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