Welcome to my home page onna net!

Allo all,and welcome. For those of you that are wondering "who is this crazy chick?" well, you're about to find out. My name is Marcie Jensen, I am 18 years old,and I'm from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.(no, we don't live in igloos)

I love the theatre an enjoy acting in local theatre here in Edmonton. The last show I did was West Side Story, at the Fringe Theatre Event which is held here.

Music is also a love of mine, and if you keep up dated you'll find some good pics of the singers or bands that I listen to. There's also going to be some pics of me, in case your curious.

That's all for now, but keep updated. There'll be lot's of new fun stuff to see.

Update: Well there's not much new happening. I'm returning to school to up grade, and am currently looking for a job.
If you know of anyone looking for a young actress let me know.That's it for now.. C-ya around.

This homepage is still under construction.(massive)

Fun places to go....