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FaIls Church, Virginia 22040

Quality Mixtures Since 1953

Hi: My name is Bill Olcheski. If you have ever collected stamps you probably have come across my name a number of times in the past 45 years. I am stamp collector, stamp author, stamp dealer and general stamp nut. Perhaps you have heard of me in some of these capacities:


Packet Offers

Stamp editor for Army Times Publications.


Monthly Stamp Club

Washington editor for Stamp Collector Newspaper.

Bulk Offers

Cover stories for Scott's Monthly Journal and other philatelic publications.

Beginners Page

My column "In the Beginning" appeared in The American Philatelist for years.

Ebay Auctions

I am the author of four books on stamp collecting.

I wrote the Penn State correspondence courses on beginning stamp collecting.

Comments or Questions

I am the owner and operator of the B&W Stamp Co. in Falls Church, Virginia, a mail order business I started in 1953 and have continued ever since.

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I am a dealer/life member of The American Philatelic Society (APS).