Welcome to my hell.  Well it's not really hell... but it sucks enough to come close to it. :]

Here you can see all my art, read all about my depressing life, see pictures of me and my friends, and even listen to the music I listen to.  Now dont you feel special?  Ok well I wont get into much right here, because well, that would totally defeat the purpose of this entire website...  so just wonder around and click at pretty things untill you are so board you pass out, or untill you (for some strange reason) find something that you like.  Chances are you're either a friend of mine or someone who is trying to get the nitty-gritty on me because I posted something somewhere, or wrote to someone...  So if you're a stalker you might wanna start with the pics...  If you're some kind of computer related friend, chances are you're here to scope out the art, you can do that too... (Gee I wonder what button I click for that...)

Oh Yeah, I guess I should mention that noone helped me with this page, and all this art (the art in the art section, and all the art in the whole page) is done by ME and ONLY ME.  If you see this art on another page, THEN YOU KNOW THEY GOT IT FROM ME.  So here it is in all of its glory,  GRaViTYBoMB. Oh by the way, make sure your screen is in 1024x768 when you look at this page.  I hate anything less, and if you don't like it, well then, SCREW YOU.

And if you happen to be MOM OR DAD... well then, heh... sorry I did't tell ya'... I guess this is easier for you to find out.... hey, at least you know it's the truth and I'm not holding anything back, eh?  :]   (I hope they never see this shit.  Well, even if they do... I dont have anything to lose, but it would still suck).

And also a dedication to all my friends:  Juan Londono, thank you for being here for me for the 10 years we've known eachother.  Bear Brodski, you were there for me in some really rough situations, and alot of times, got me out of them;  I owe ya bro.  Maurice Waknin, "You're pheonominal babe!" , what can I say?  You showed me alot about life, and a how to have a good time,  I wouldn't be the guy I am today if I hadn't met you.  Warren Holder, I wish I stayed on the same path I started on, I was so mad when I first met you, but then I realized that it's only because I hate people like me.  Derek Martin, damn yo, heh, thx for the company and all the support, you're alot wiser then everyone thinks, don't let the world get to you. Chad Marine, holy shit you're fucking wierd.... GOOD!  Melissa Sybert, I loved you so much, but you had no clue... and frankly, no care.  I'm sorry we didn't work out, I was willing to give my life to you. And anyone else I missed, I'm sorry, I didn't forget you.

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