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The Longhorn is big, wiry and muscular. It is a survivor, and is
hardy on the range. Longhorns often survived wolf
mountain-lion attacks. But civilization almost made
them extinct. The good news is that they are coming back.
They are considered good cattle for cross-breeding with
Hereford and Angus cattle.

The Longhorn descended from Spanish cattle brought into
what is now Mexico in 1519 or 1520. The cattle gradually
escaped into the wilds of what is now northern Mexico and
made their way across the Rio Grande into
Texas where they flourished on the rich prairies. When settlers came Texas in
the early 1800's, they found herds of
the wild Longhorn grazing the plains. After the Civil War cowboys began to drive
the Longhorn cattle to the big shipping areas of the midwest.

As with many of our natural resources, the Longhorn
suffered from commercialism. Civilization almost made them
extinct. Today rancheres interested in the heritage of
the West, as well as those interested in producing lean beef, are
bringing the Longhorn back.

The Longhorn has long been the chosen mascot of Buena Vista
I.S.D. Not only is it the mascot for the athletic teams, but
the students use the Longhorn as a symbol of their school.

Today the Longhorn may well be a symbol for Buena Vista
and other small schools to hold up in an age where small
schools are suffering and dying because of the effects of
legislation. This school, and others like it, produce
students who are tough and hardy. They grow up in the sparsely
populated areas where children can be children.
They ride horses, help on the family farm and ranch, raise lambs, goats,
calves, and pigs for FFA and 4H
projects. They learn survival skills simply by living. Like the Longhorn, the schools in
west Texas are tough and
resilient. They're winners. Like the Longhorn, just maybe they'll make
a come back,
though they are threatened with extinction.
(from The Royal Longhorn magazine 1993-1994)

1997 corymcdowell@usa.net