P.O.B. 18256

P.O.B. 18526

Many exhibitions in Paris and Jerusalem

"Painting as a language stands as a parallel to my research on linguistics, verbal and non-verbal communication. The role of eyesight and hearing in various cultures... For me a picture replaces language..."
Interview of the artist in Tribune Juive, Paris, 1986

"It comes as a surprise to find that in such an elaborated artist, painting seems so spontaneous at first glance."
Myriam Tal, 1979, Yediot Aharonot

About the previous exhibition on Marylin Monroe paintings in Paris (1988):
"Why has Pepa chosen such a symbol of futility under the tormented skies of Jerusalem, where the problems of survival are so vital? Why an Hollywood star? Pepa explains with tenderness towards her heroin that she meant to catch the diferent facets of Marylin, the passage from childhood to maturity, the dream of childhood that turns suddenly into a nightmare."

Tribune Juive,1988

Marilyn. Son visage mille fois répété comme une impossible recherche où se croisent plusieurs mythes: "Cendrillon, mais aussi Thalassa, la mère-océan", dit cette artiste israélienne qui sous le ciel de Jérusalem, fut fascinée par Hollywood.
Nouvel Observateur, 1988

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