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A Small Corner of a Twisted Mind

First off let me tell you a little bit about me: My name is Anakin Skywalker, a slave on the desert planet of tattoine. My mother Shmi and I are slaves to Watto who owns and opera.....hey now wait a minute, this isn't my life. Who wrote this crap! *runs around chasing the writers as they laugh insanely* I apologize for the writers lack of intelligence. I guess so little pay and being illegal aliens from Mexico might have something to do with it.
*Grabs the real script* The truth of the matter is my name is Greg Focker, I'm a male nurse, and I am very much in love with my girlfriend Pamela. This weekend we plan to go to her parents house so I can ask her to marr....HEY!!!!! My last name is not Focker!!*stabs a writer* Okay I apologize for my writers again, they think their in Hollywood. *Grabs a writer and shouts at him. Takes script* This better be right this time or you guys aren't getting paid for a month!!! Don't speak to me in that language I can't understand. *writers laugh* Anyway back to the script I am suppose to read for you nice folks. *Straightens tie and shirt*. My name is Michael and my friends and I bet that whoever was the last Tomcat of us all would get a pile of money. Well I need the money badly now cause I gambled away $51,000 that I didn't ha.......*Screams at the writers* You are not in Hollywood!!!*grabs a script* This had better be right.

The truth, I'm just an average Joe Schmoe, who when he's not working likes to have fun and kid around. My name is Scott, and though I sound crazy I must tell you, I really am...hey wait I resent that! I currently live in Wooster, Ohio. I recently moved here from Alaska, which might attribute to the brain damage due to the...HEY!!! *kicks the writers* I am currently out of college due to moving, but will soon be going back to school, hopefully. Anyway, on the site I hope to give you a little taste of my dementia, so please enjoy all the links found here.
About Me (scary ain't it?) Care to dwell inside the head of a demented person to see what makes them tick? Want to find out the deepest darkest secrets to my intellect? well then you'd have to look elsewhere, this is just about my life, not my fantasies, sorry.