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Being Female
First Love

Why aren't those ever-so-sexy moves part of the upbringing of a female child when they are considered invaluable tools in a woman's arsenal?

A How-To guide to the 6 Hot Moves for capturing a male's attention!

     The Walk - Go ahead and strut your stuff
     The Vehicle Sit - Entering and exiting like a starlett
     The Shimmering Eyes - Make 'em sparkle like diamonds
     The Leg Cross - If you've got 'em, flaunt 'em
     The Special Touch - They're easily trainable
     That Bra Thing - This will dazzle 'em

A Series of Letters chronicling what would become, for her, a life changing relationship, a soul wrenching experience which taught her to live, to love. They are very personal, very intimate. Some were sent, others were not but all were written in her struggle through the metamorphosis a first and deep love would bring to her life. Interspersed are his responses.


Commuting between Dallas, Texas and Sydney, Australia once a month.

A travel log of sorts

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