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Fragments and Lines From Yunus Emre's Poems

Let us die when we are not dying so that we shall not die again.
Better live the good life here on earth
If faith and religion are what you need.
Your work will not end there tomorrow
Unless it is finished here today.
At one glance, the two worlds are joined in a single flame;
For the upright, today and tomorrow are the same.
Whoever falls in love with you
Will achieve everlasting life
And will spend all his days and nights
Wallowing in his love for you.
We fell in love, we are lovers;
We are loved, we are the loved ones.
Each moment we get born anew:
No one could grow weary of us.
Ever since Yunus fell in love with you
His soul is full of beauty and joy;
Living a lovely new life all the time,
He has escaped the ravages of age.

Many people say to Yunus:
"You have become old, let love loose."
Time never pays love a visit,
Months and years are not part of it.
Look deep into me with divine wisdom
Until I become visible to you:
Because before I appeared in this shape
I had a hundred thousand forms.
Before Adam was created,
Before the soul entered the mold, Before Satan found damnation,
My tomorrow is today: this is when the might of God appeared.
O, friends and lovers and brethren,
Go ahead, ask where I had been;
Since you want to know, I'll shed light:
I was in the eternal land.
For a long time I was a star in the sky
Desired by all the heavenly angels.
That was a time of such great bliss:
There was neither grief nor sadness,
My heart had no worry or care;
In this world I have no place of my own, <;/td>
My way station and my halting place are there.
I am the sovereign, my crown and throne,
My robe and horse of Paradise are there.


For certain a person who has no friends in this world is destitute.
The world get-filled with all the joys of love;
That is why those who love beam with a smile.
If a f lower blooms without love, it wilts;
It is only with love that life has bliss.
My soul has stirred with your fragrance
Yearning to abandon this earth.
I know nothing about your place:
How and where can I seek you out?
They bring tidings of you always,
Yet nobody can find your trace.
Take the veil away from your face:
Let me burn with your beauty.
So many people are in a bad way because of poverty;
Some are wealthy, but their heart are never free of anxiety.
What dies is the body; souls cannot die.
True faith is in the head, not in the headgear.
Leave aside all other words, turn on yourself your vision;
Be sure to confront your own self with your own transgression.
I bear malice against no one,
Even strangers are friends of mine.


I would not call him a lover
The man who craves God's Paradise.
Paradise is only a trap
To catch the souls o f foolish men.

When love arrives, all needs and flaws are gone.
With love we used to yearn for it:
Then we discovered that Spirit;
With this face, He took this body,
And like a tunic, he wore it.
Yunus, you are not separate:
You and the Spirit aren't apart.
If you can't find Him in your heart,
Then where can you find that Spirit?

If the Lord has made you cry, He will make you laugh again.
Yunus bears tidings:
those who hear the news revel in joy.


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