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WELCOME to my web pages!! I have a variety of things here, such as a poetry page and literary links, information and resources on mood disorders and bipolar disorder, and some of my favorite links I've found on the web. I hope you enjoy!!


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The Poetry Page

Bipolar disorder and other mood disorders

Writing and Literary Links


Mood Disorder Links

Cool Stuff (misc.)

Writing and Literary Links

Zuzu Petals Online

Full of literary links for all writers. If you are a writer you'll find this web site a massive place of information. Zuzu Petals also has a film page too!

Writer's (Stumbling) Block

A list of resources that give advice and information to writer's about a whole range of topics.

Internet Public Library

Go on in to the Reading Room and choose one of the 3800 titles. You can search through them by author, title, or subject classification.

Realms Of Gold

Links to pages dedicated to authors, literary e-zines and electronic libraries.

Online games

The Bingo Zone

Free online bingo where you can win small cash prizes. Sign up and check the schedule for the next game!

Riddler Games

Many games to choose from, may different types. Win prizes.

Online Bowling

Online bowling game. It requires ShockWave (plug-in).

This and That Deli-Arcade

Most games require Java, ShockWave, and/or Real Audio. If you don't have them you can download them here. They have a long list of all types of games, from cards to pinball.

Mood Disorder Links and Resources

The Mood Forum Message Board

This page is in the making but has a link to a meessage board for those with mental illness that need support. In the future it will have links and other resources.

Depression Central

Information and articles on mood disorders, treatments, drugs, and more.

Waiting for Meds to kick in?

Here's some good advice on "What to do (on and off the web) while waiting for those antidepressants to kick in". There's also a lot of really good links to check out here too!

Lots of information on mood disorders, particulary bipolar disorder.

Pendulum Resources

"Your comprehensive information source for bipolar disorders and other mood disorders."

Bipolar Planet

Another good site with information on mood disorders.

The Goldberg Mood Scales

Depression and mania scales designed to let you or the doctor see the severity of your mood. If you have bipolar disorder or depression you may want to print this out.

Mailing Lists

Roses and Thorns

The mailing list's homepage. Subscribe to the list here if you have depression or manic depression and need support.

Walkers In Darkness

Subscribe to Walkers for support for depression or bipolar disorder.

Cool stuff (Misc.)


National Charities Bureau

National Endowment for the Arts

The Aviary

Budgie Madness!

Columbia House

Guitar World Online

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