I am originally from Johannesburg, South Africa.  My wife and I arrived in Adelaide in January 2000.  We had never been to Australia before.  We tried to do some research on, for example:

What is Adelaide like ?
What do things cost ?
What is the crime like ?
What do houses cost ?
What cars are available and how much do they cost ?
What job agencies are there ?

etc. We discovered that most of the information was written for tourists. Many of our questions remained unanswered. 

The purpose of this site is to try and inform all those people (South Africans in particular) that may want to consider immigrating to Adelaide, Australia, what the city is like and to give general advise based on our experience.  I am sure that much of what you read here, can be applied to the rest of Australia as well.  Each persons definition as to what makes something good or bad is different.  So, please keep in mind that any view points and criticisms expressed are my personal observations.  I will not be glossing over any of the "bad" things.  Let me state from the outset, that we are very happy here and would never consider going back to ZA.


I've tried to keep this site as simple as possible, to keep the time a page takes to load down.  Any links to sites outside this one, will open in another window.  That way you can continue browsing here while the other site loads and you wont loose your place as well. 

Some of the pages that have been partially completed are:


What crime is like


Some usefull links to help you gather information on interest rates, property, jobs etc