Hello, my name is Raz-n.I'm just starting to work on my home page so there isn't much here yet,but I will be adding more and more all the time. My favorite chat sight is Fortysomething Terrace.My real name is Sandy. I love all kinds of animals.I have 2 dogs.A Yorkshire Terrier named Oliver and a Golden Retriever named Chester. My hobbies are zoo docent and learning the computer. I have frosted-blonde hair and bright green eyes....I don't smoke, drink, or do drugs..Don't like the bar scene..and I'm not a big party person--I like quiet times and am more of a one on one person. I have diabetes so I work out every day in my gym a home and watch my weight very closely. I eat healthy foods and try to keep a good diet. I have 2 grown children who are finished with college and doing well on their own..A boy named Brandon and a girl named Hollie.. I live in central New York where it gets real cold in the winter.I am a licensed hairdresser I used to own a large shop, taught Cosmetology at the schools and did hair shows..

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