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The Goodenow's

The Goodenow name is spelled in a variety of ways: Goodenow, Goodnow, Goodno, Goodenough, Goodnough, all descend from a family that came from the south of (Doreset, Wilts, Semely and Shaftsbury), England in 1638 on the ship Confidence. Five members of the imigrant family with some of their children came to America: three brothers John, Thomas, Edmund and their sister Ursula in 1638, Dorthy came over later. They settled in Sudbury, Massachusetts the 19th town in Massachusetts. "The Goodenows Who Originated in Sudbury, Massachusetts, 1638 A.D. by Theodore James Fleming Banvard, 1994."

I am also searching for my allied familes: Albohn, Allen,Chaney,Deskin,Deskins, Diskin, Downing, Gifford, Howard, Spear,Townsend,Williams and Young.

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