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Date o' Birth: More than (hummety hum) years ago TODAY (Happy Birthday to me!)

Monetary gifts are STRONGLY encouraged

Place o' Birth: KY, USA

Cultural center of the universe

Occupation: Researcher (primarily Distributed Simulations)

When the janitor is out, I get to clean the potties!


Programmer at a Robotics Firm
Research Analyst at Bolt, Beranek, and Newman
Sytems Programmer at a Long Distance Carrier
Years ago, was a programmer / intern at NOSL, Louisville


such as it is

Fort Knox High School '79

Heya, Mr. Sipes! Mr. Hockensmith! Thanks!

University of Louisville
B.S. in Applied Science

M. Eng. in Engineering Math and Computer Science

Yes! He's mooning his former department chairman!

Also attended:
George Mason University (Reviewing Stats and CS courses, prepping for PhD program?)

USMA! (Three whole months!)

Western Kentucky University (as a High School Junior Scholar)
Lathrop High School in Fairbanks, AK

Ft. Wainwright Junior High School in Ft. Wainwright, AK

Chena Elementary in Ft. Wainwright, AK (burned down)

Stevens Elementary in Ft. Knox, KY

Goldsmith Elementary in Louisville, KY

(And 4 or 5 others whose names I don't recall.)

Factoids and Extraneous Opinions

I'm interested in Evolution.

I've been a netizen for about 25 years.

Yes, the net is much older than what many people believe!

I do community service, mainly tutoring in math and guest-lecturing in CS, and I am the Community Outreach co-Coordinator where I work.

I don't care about politics, but I do think that the world works better when people help each other out.

I used to spend a lot of time debating evolution and creationism.

I used to spend a lot of time debating atheism.

I was raised a baptist.

More Factoids

Evolution is very good science - on par with the theory of gravity.

Neither Intelligent Design, nor any other form of creationism, is science.

The Family Man

Wife and two daughters.

Unfortunately, my father-in-law died recently so our family is a little smaller and a little poorer now.

The family I was born into: I have 3 brothers, a mother, and father.

Here's my youngest brother (left) and my dad (right) at a pow-wow . (Thanks for the pic to RDa.)

What does K not like?

Stating opinions in such a way as to deliberately insult anyone with a contrary view.
People who continually belittle others and pretend not to notice.
People who continually belittle others under the false pretense of doing them good.
Being an ass.
Being an ass and not knowing it.
Bullying of any sort.
Deliberate obfuscation.
When people praise in themselves what they abhor in others.
Willfull ignorance.
Poor reasoning.
General meanness.
Definitive answers from people who don't even understand the question.

What does K like?

When the good guys win.
Hearing his kids brag about him.
Things working out in the end.
Empires crumbling.
Reading a good book, while sipping iced tea.
Swimming for one hour continuously.
Wallowing on the floor with his kids.
Going to the beach with his whole family.
Pig roast/Family reunion at his parents' house every Labor Day weekend.
Sitting alone at the window in the dark during an evening rain.
Communicating with cool people.
Doing Math.
Playing Frisbee.
Writing short stories, poems, essays, and so forth.
Eating good food (anything that doesn't try to get away is fair game).
Some Music


Playing spaceship with my progeny, playing chess , learning to play GO , talking to myself, walking myself, playing with .... world conquest, watching cartoons with the fruits of my loins, reading stuff , writing stuff .... uhh ... playing boggle ... uhh ... yes, playing boggle .... dining out with my kids, playing scrabble (I'm really a crappy player though), swimming, watching ST:DS9 (wish I had more time to watch it).


A few mildly amusing places.

Skepticism , Atheism , etc. (Yes. I am a strong atheist.)

Mensa (No. I ain't no mamber!)

Liberty Online (historical documents)

Samples of K's Vapid Writing - VERY Offensive.

My Solutions to some common logic and math problems.

Canonical List of puzzles with solutions.

GO : easy to play, very difficult to master!

A few vaguely interesting sites.

has Dylan Thomas in his own voice, among other things.

Project Bartleby has collections of poetry and prose from lots of authors!

Project Gutenberg is another collection of beautiful works.

There's also a place calling itself The Network Library .

CSICOP , Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal.

King James Version (KJV) of The Bible has played an important role in western civilization and culture.

You can also search the Quran which has also played a pivotal role in the evolution of civilization and culture in the east and west, or you can check out the whole thing .

Why , people reject evolution. Really only two reasons: 1) they have a comic-book understanding of what science is and how it works, and 2) what they "know" about evolution amounts to barbershop gossip. Evolution is a central unifying fact and theory of biological science. It explains the VAST preponderance of evidence. It violates no known laws of science. When people say otherwise they spreading what amounts to urban legend. I suspect, in fact, there is a very high correlation between people who reject evolution or accept creation and those who forward urband legends and other spam emails. I intend to create a list of essays on subjects such as the techniques used by creationists and "intelligent design" advocates, the evidence for evolution, refutations of creationist arguments, links to pertinent sites on the web, and book reviews. Specifically I'll be critiquing arguments on second law of thermodynamics (2lot), radiocarbon dating, specified complexity, among others. I'll also be critiquing ideas presented by William Dembski, Jonathan Wells, Michael Behe, and others.

William Dembski is famous for misrepresenting Wolpert and McCready's NFL (No Free Lunch) theorems as disproving evolution. Michael Behe has introduced the idea of specified complexity - things in nature that could not possibly have evolved without a designer. Jonathan Wells wrote the book, "Icons of Evolution" in which he rehashes the same copiously refuted arguments over which which creationists have already embarrassed themselves.

You can reach K Green at < thefalliblefiend & hotmail * com>

What is a fallible fiend?

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